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UPDATE 7-14-14: Due to our high amount of size Medium Boston Strong shirts for a limited time we are only asking $5 for this size only! The rest of the sizes are also on SALE!

Monday, April 15, 2013 was a day Boston would prefer not to remember, but will not soon forget. A day usually dedicated to wonderful celebrations turned to tragedy because of a terrible act. What they don’t know is they picked the wrong city to mess with. President Obama said it best: “All Americans stand with the people of Boston. Boston is a tough and resilient town, so are its people.”

Today, just like the town of Boston, we are stepping up and doing our part. GameDay Boston exclusively designed a shirt to honor the victims, their families, and anyone who was touched by this event. We are Boston. We are strong. And we will prevail.


  • On 7/13/2013 GameDay Boston attended an event at Gillette Stadium where we raised an additional $700 with our Boston Strong shirt!
  • As of 5/15/2013 we have raised and donated over $80,000! For more details click here!
  • On 4/18/2013 we received our first order of shirts and have started to shipping process. We have more shirts on the way and will be shipping them throughout the weekend, and next week. Please be patient and allow 7-10 business days to receive your orders.
  • On 4/19/2013, we sent our first donation of $10,000 to the Greg Hill Foundation, which has a direct connection to the families affected by this tragedy.

Please continue to show your support and spread the word of just how strong the city of Boston is with the Boston Strong: Wrong City To Mess With charitable shirt.


Boston Strong (Wrong City to Mess With) Hoodie

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