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Celtics Sign Former #2 Pick Evan Turner

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Let me first go on record by saying unlike many others I love this move. Turner was a #2 pick for a reason and even though there’s good chance he will never live up to it he is still well worth the risk. And as you can read below it’s not a very big risk at all. He’s no Kevin Love or that big fireworks type move everyone wanted, but it’s at least something. With that said here is more on Turner and the move by the Celtics. For more stats and information be sure to check out

Positioned to navigate another season that should be heavy on development as part of a rebuilding process, the Celtics are adding a former No. 2 pick who should be motivated to re-establish his value. Turner got traded from Philadelphia to Indiana at last season’s trade deadline with the Pacers looking to bolster their bench for a playoff run. Instead, Turner played sparingly, and Indiana declined to extend an $8.7 million qualifying offer this offseason, making Turner a free agent. If he can revitalize his career in Boston, it’s a low-risk/high-reward play. Will this shake up how the East plays out? View NBA Futures odds here to see how sportsbooks have responded to this and other big moves in the east.. The concern is that Turner will further clog an already logjammed shooting guard/small forward spot and potentially take minutes away from the likes of rookies Marcus Smart and James Young.

Before Philly dealt Turner, ESPN Insider Amin Elhassan examined Turner’s game and why the team struggled to move him. “Turner isn’t a particularly good perimeter shooter, but he thrives in the midrange, where the majority of his shots come (mostly off pull-ups). His 3-point percentage falls below the Kendall Gill Line (basketball’s version of baseball’s Mendoza Line: 28.1 percent shooting from 3-point range) in every spot except the left corner, where he shoots 38 percent, although he did shoot well from the corners last season. If he does make the pass, it will usually be the easiest one available (to the pick-setter popping back or to a player in his direct line of sight as he comes off a screen). … If the ball isn’t in his hands, he’s not nearly as big a threat as he gets stuck watching the ball, while his poor perimeter shooting encourages defenders to help off him on the weak side. In short, to get the most out of Turner, you have to continue to get him touches.”

The Celtics now have a whopping 18 players under contract with a payroll that will, at least temporarily, crawl over $80 million. Boston still has three nonguaranteed contracts totaling roughly $7 million that can help it trim down moving forward. With that in mind, the odds just got a little bit longer for nonguaranteed players Chris Johnson and Chris Babb. Boston does have Keith Bogans’ $5.3 million nonguaranteed salary that can help it immediately chop salary, though that slot might be more valuable as a trade asset. Needless to say, more moves are coming as the 2014-15 season approaches, but Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge and his staff seem content to gobble up low-cost assets in hopes of maximizing their value while navigating this rebuilding process.

Brad Stevens was able to figure out the best way to maximize Jordan Crawford’s talent last season before the team dealt him away while acquiring future assets in January. It’s fair to wonder if the Celtics can do the same with Turner. If Turner jump starts his career, maybe Boston will be able to get more than its initial investment before the trade deadline.


Young Talent Ready To Make Mark For New England

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When people think about the New England Patriots, they do not exactly think about young talent. With Tom Brady leading the offense by quarterback and Bill Belichick favoring veteran players, it is easy to overlook the fact that New England has put together quite a bit of young talent. People in fantasy football are ready to see them shine, and it could happen in 2014.

On defense, everything starts with one of the most promising defensive ends in the game in Chandler Jones. After being drafted in 2012, he has already developed into a very strong pass rusher. He totaled a career-high 11.5 sacks last year, and that could be just the beginning.

Another youngster making the defense in New England very serviceable in fantasy football is Don’t’a Hightower. He has a lot of versatility at linebacker, and that allows New England to throw a lot different sets at offenses across the NFL. He might be the most versatile player on the team right now, especially when he teams up with fellow linebacker Jamie Collins.

Most of the young talent is on defense, but New England is also hopeful that Tom Brady will turn players like Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins and Josh Boyce into future fantasy football standouts. Brady always seems to do a very good job of developing wide receivers and making them look better than they actually are. These guys might not all be stars down the road, but one of them is likely to break through and be a consistent starter. After having so few options passing the ball last year, it is nice to have some younger talent in camp.

New England is built to win right now, but they are also built for the future. The young talent is really starting to make a name for itself on the Patrtiots.


Breaking Down The Celtics Draft

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The Boston Celtics had a young and smart draft to say the least. As if you haven’t heard that enough yet right? They made some interesting picks but as Celtics fan I still see myself watching the games closely and of course wagering money every once in a while betting at allpro. There have been so many mixed reviews about the Celtics and their picks but here we can at least tell you a little more about them.

Marcus Smart

Smart makes a living inside the paint, as he relishes contact and gets to the free throw line nearly ten times per-40 minutes, while finishing 57% of his shots around the basket in the half-court. The role he will play in the NBA appears to be well defined, as he’s very good in transition and on the pick and roll, and is more than capable of creating shots for himself and others, something he appears to have improved on in his sophomore year. Smart’s assist to turnover and pure point ratio both increased notably this past season, particularly his ability to avoid coughing the ball up, as his turnover percentage decreased from an alarming 19% as a freshman to a much more manageable 14%.

James Young

The 18-year-old’€™s greatest potential comes as a spot-up shooter or as a “triple threat.” Young has great perimeter shooting mechanics, with a fast release and a long wingspan, which allows him to get shots off cleanly. Even though Young lacks high-end athleticism and advanced dribbling moves, he has the potential to be a scorer driving to the basket, as he showed in flashes throughout the season. Young is an extremely poor defender and rarely stayed in his stance, often appearing disinterested about defending. Pre-draft interviews will be important to determine his willingness to play hard on that end of the floor; players with Young’€™s offensive skill-set are a dime a dozen, but the ones that can defend even at an average level manage to stick in the league.

So there you have it. Those are you future Celtics. What does the Smart pick mean for Rajon Rondo? Only time will tell.


2014 GameDay Boston Celtics Mock Draft Challenge! With Prizes!

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aaa mock draft

It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual Celtics Mock Draft challenge! It’s simple. Copy and paste the draft order below and reply in comments section with your picks filled in. Each correct pick is worth 1 point. Each Celtics pick is worth 3 points. 

The entry with the most points in the end wins! 1st place received a free t-shirt/hoodie. We will also give prizes for 2nd and 3rd place too so do your best! We will accept mocks up until 15 minutes before the draft and then all posts will be locked! Good luck everyone!

*Obviously there is a good chance of trades. If there is a trade you will still receive points if the player you put down is draft in the same position! 

When: Thursday, June 26 at 7 p.m. ET

Where: Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York

Watch: ESPN

Live Stream: WatchESPN

1 Cleveland Cavaliers
2 Milwaukee Bucks
3 Philadelphia 76ers
4 Orlando Magic
5 Utah Jazz
6 Boston Celtics
7 Los Angeles Lakers
8 Sacramento Kings
9 Charlotte Hornets (from Detroit)
10 Philadelphia 76ers (from New Orleans)
11 Denver Nuggets
12 Orlando Magic (from New York via Denver)
13 Minnesota Timberwolves
14 Phoenix Suns
15 Atlanta Hawks
16 Chicago Bulls (from Charlotte)
17 Boston Celtics 
18 Phoenix Suns (from Washington)
19 Chicago Bulls
20 Toronto Raptors
21 Oklahoma City Thunder (from Dallas via Houston and L.A. Lakers)
22 Memphis Grizzlies
23 Utah Jazz (via Golden State)
24 Charlotte Hornets (from Portland)
25 Houston Rockets
26 Miami Heat
27 Phoenix Suns (from Indiana)
28 Los Angeles Clippers
29 Oklahoma City Thunder
30 San Antonio Spurs

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Red Sox Getting Back On Track With Four Game Winning Streak!

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At a record of 24-29…. The 2014 Boston Red Sox seem to be going through a time of adjustment! They have added a few new players like OF Grady Sizemore and Catcher A.J. Pierzynski while bringing back solid shortstop Stephen Drew after a short period of delay due to contract negotiations! In addition Rookie Phenom Xander Bogaerts is taking in a more regular role with the baseball squad!  Players are still learning how to work with one another to win ball games! This seems to be causing somewhat of a sluggish start! 

The Red Sox play in the toughest Division in baseball… The AL East…. Where wins are definitely not easy to come by!!!They have been looking to hit their stride as a team and finally the turning point for this season may have come during the last 4 Games…. as the Red Sox have made an exciting turnaround….winning all of them…. this after a six-game losing streak….that had Red Sox nation a bit concerned! 

The Red Sox beat the Braves(who coincidentally also played in Boston for a short while in the past!) Monday 8-6, Tuesday 6-3, Wednesday 4-0, and Thursday 4-3 in dramatic fashion! In Thursday’s Game Xander Bogaerts brought back Walk-Off City as he got the game winning hit in the Bottom of the Ninth with two strikes on him! Bogaerts showed that he can step up and get the job done with his impressive batting skills! In fact, he’s leading all rookies with a .296 average! With the Re-acquisition of SS Stephen Drew… Xander Bogaerts looks to play more often at 3rd base! If he keeps hitting like he is… Expect to see him make many more starts!!!!

The Red Sox look like they are getting back to playing exciting baseball in spectacular fashion! Memories of last year’s frequent late inning comebacks are fresh and hopefully can continue as the Red Sox march towards the playoffs and a hopeful repeat of the World Series Championship!
Go Sox Go!

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MRI on Pedroia comes back clean

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Boston, MA ( - Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia will apparently avoid a trip to the disabled list after an MRI taken on his ailing left wrist revealed no fractures or structural damage, reported Monday.

Pedroia did not play in Sunday’s series finale against the Yankees in New York due to the injury, instead returning to Boston for a medical exam. The four- time All-Star initially hurt the wrist during the Red Sox’ home series against Milwaukee from Apr. 4-6.

The injury has caused Pedroia to struggle at the plate as of late, as he’s gone just 6-for-40 over his last nine games after beginning the season on a 7- for-15 tear.

Pedroia’s status for Boston’s three-game set against the White Sox in Chicago, which begins Tuesday, has yet to be determined.


After Surprising 2013 Worst-To-First World Championship The Sox Are Back!

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By Tim Scott
Red Sox Nation rejoiced again late last October by surprising MLB in making an amazing turnaround from worst-to-first in less than 1 year. Owner John Henry,  General Manager Ben Cherington, Tom Werner and Company were congratulated by players and fans alike in achieving a job well done!
Manager John Farrell will be put the challenge again for this 2014 season in doing something that the baseball world has not seen done in a long while….. that challenge is repeating as World Series Champs in back-to back seasons!!
While Red Sox Nation will have to wait until Fenway Park’s home Opener on Friday April 4 to see their hometown baseball heroes(with many players returning including scheduled Starter and proud Duckboat Purchaser Jake Peavy) get their World Series Rings!!!…When they do so…. the team will be spectacularly getting their 3rd Championship rings and banner in the past 10 years. And let us not forget….. this is all after an all too painful drought of 86 years beforehand!!!! In the between time of this monumental event …the 2014 regular baseball season schedule is due to start on March 31!
Jon Lester will once again be named the Red Sox starter followed by Lackey and Doubront and most likeley rounded out by Peavy and Bucholz! It is yet to be seen who will win the CF starter job replacing Jacoby Ellsbury as both Jackie Bradley Jr. and new signee Grady Sizemore are both vying for the position and playing very well during Spring Training!!! Things are looking bright indeed for the Boston Red Sox!!! Red Sox Legend and rightful Hall of Famer DH David Ortiz signed an extension that will keep him in a Red Sox uniform for a few more years and possibly able to retire as a Red Sox player. Dustin Pedroia is signed for the next decade in a record deal… Young phenom Xander Bogaerts looks to transition into the tough Shortstop position….While Will Middlebrooks is back at third looking to steadily improve. Big Mike Napoli is enjoying his starting nod at first base while being healthy for the first time in years!! David Ross and A.J. Pierzynski look to share catching duties while handling an awesome pitching staff!!! Koji Uehara is looking and expected to continue to do his thing….which is to come out of the bullpen to pitch!!! Jonny Gomes will likely get many more games in left field platooning with sweet swinging Daniel Nava!!!!! And if all this doesn’t convince you that “Everything is Gonna Be Alright!”…. then perhaps Shane Victorino returning to play Right Filed again will!!!
The Red Sox are looking to be strong contenders again and every Red Sox fan will be eagerly awaiting to see how it all turns out this year! As the Season gets underway on Baseball’s Opening Day this Monday March … a day that should be a National Holiday :) …..The Red Sox will take to the field once again Anew and Ready to go!!!! And So we say…. Go Sox Go!