GameDay Boston

GameDay Boston WEEKEND SALE: Ring City T-Shirt AND Hoodie Combo!

It’s back! ! First we brought you the Ring City Hoodies for a limited time which ended up being our all-time best seller… Now we are stepping up our game! Introducing the return of the Ring City Hoodie AND the first ever release of the Ring City T-shirt.

Just in time for spring this lightweight hoodie and slick t-shirt are the perfect combo for any Boston sports fan. If you missed out on grabbing your hoodie last time do not hesitate! This is WEEKEND SALE ONLY! These will be back off the market after this weekend if they even last that long!

These t-shirt will only be sold as a combo package for a low introductory price of $59.99. You really cannot beat that deal! If you’re looking for just the Ring City hoodie you can go here, but we suggest grabbing both while they last!

Note: For shipping reasons both items have to be same size. If this is a major issue please email us.


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