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Trade Deadline: What Should Ainge Do?

One of the yearly traditions of the Big 3 era , it seems, is speculating on whether or not Danny should blow up the team and trade it’s core players. After all the Celtics are technically in year 6 of a 3 year plan, a plan extended by the presence of Rajon Rondo. Danny is in an unenviable position right now, as are most GMs during this time of year.

Sitting in front of Danny right now are two doors. Through one door is the possibility of making a minor move(See Terrence Williams signing) and hoping that this team as constructed still has a great shot at beating anyone who isn’t Miami in the playoffs. Through the 2nd door are an abundance of trade offers(not really) for guys like KG,Paul and Rondo. Danny also has the option of going after Hawks Forward Josh Smith(unlikely but still a possibility).

According to Danny himself Door #1 is the most likely route for this team. Without Rondo they obviously are not as dangerous in the playoffs but could very well beat teams like New York or Chicago(without Rose). If Danny wasn’t a pathological liar when it came to trades I’d actually believe him but unfortunately for us Danny is indeed shopping guys.

As much as we want to hold to our guys, you can’t blame Ainge for looking to make his team better. For him Door #2 is the quickest way to avoid a long and painful rebuilding process by getting young talent in return. Unfortunately though the way Danny values his players may not be the way other teams value them.  If Danny does decide to choose Door #2 I think he’ll most likely be looking to move guys like Green, Bass or Lee. I’m not sure what the market is for those guys but I’m sure they could still get some value for them without having to trade the big name players.A potential deal involving sending Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets in return for Marshon Brooks, Kris Humphries and a 1st rounder has been discussed. While it is a horrible offer and very unlikely to gain any traction, it’s only going to gauge how much Danny values the Celtic Legend.

Door #1 is the easy way out of the trade deadline, it’s simply do nothing. It worked out last year but last year the Celtics had Rondo.  Door #2 will most likely involve some sort of heartache among the fans. But as we know Danny is not afraid of upsetting the fans in favor of a deal he likes(See Green-Perkins trade). Danny, like most GMs is just trying to find a deal that helps this team whether it’s in the long run or the short term.