GameDay Boston

Celtics acquire Jordan Crawford from the Wizards

In what appeared to be a less than exciting Trade Deadline, Danny Ainge was able to acquire the 24 year old shooting guard Jordan Crawford from the Wizards. The Celtics agreed to send over Leandro Barbosa(Expiring Contract) and Jason Collins in exchange. This deal is probably going to be irrelevant in the national spectrum as it was really a nothing for nothing swap.

Crawford an inefficient gunner only adds to the Celtics bevy of big shooting guards and does nothing to help it’s need of a ball handling point. This season Crawford is averaging 13.1 points on 41% shooting from the field. This is the same Jordan Crawford who proclaimed that he was better than Michael Jordan. And it’s also the same Crawford who dunked on Lebron during one of Lebron’s skills academy. Here is Jordan Crawfords Shot Chart from

It’s not a deal that’s going to propel them to championship contention or help them in the playoffs but it’s a good deal when you consider what Ainge gave up. He was able to flip an injured shooting guard and a pretty much useless big for someone who could become a serviceable bench player. Crawford isn’t an ideal player and this trade might force Doc to play Fab Melo some extra minutes(which is never a good thing) but this trade is basically Low Risk, High Reward which is good in my book.