GameDay Boston

Forget the Snow, Pitchers and Catchers Report this Week

Here comes the sun.  Who cares if there is 24-38 in spread across the majority of the Baystate, over the next few days you will begin to see the aptly titled ‘Boys of Summer’ loosening and long tossing.  Before you know it we will have full squads and from there we will have scrimmages and preseason games.  Soon it will be April and the wrath of Nemo will be behind us.  Hopefully.

As people may have garnered from last season, I am a fan of baseball, love the City of Boston… but have nothing but distaste and cynicism for the Red Sox.    I will continue to write my column on the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry and baseball in general, while trying to give the Sox their fair accolades when deserved, but while Werner and Henry are looking for sexy wins and marketable stars I will take ugly players and productivity.  Is that why Youk is gone?  Did they think the goatee wasn’t “sexy” or “in” anymore these days?  Keep those pink hats happy FSG, they kept those seats filled last season (sarcasm).

If an effort to keep this a Boston pure blog I will write about Manny Mercado when Baltimore comes to Boston, or the progress of Hamilton during a West Coast trip to California to play the Angels, and the progress of my son’s t-ball league.

Team previews to come.