GameDay Boston

Tuck retires from red sox-Atchinson to Mets-Bobby V is going back to school?

As the approach of spring training comes to front of the players within the Red Sox organization, more changes have been made. It was reported Tuesday evening that Gary Tuck was retiring from his duties as the team’s bullpen coach/catching instructor. Question is who’s going to replace Tuck? Will it be Varitek, Gedman, or Epperson? To be straight up and honest, I don’t believe Tek’s looking to be an everyday coach as of yet. Gedman is going to the Hitting Coach at AA Portland Seadogs for the team this year. Maybe it might just be Epperson. You ask yourself, who is Epperson? Chad Epperson currently is the red roving minor league catching coordinator. Epperson was also a former red sox minor league hitting coach and Manager; during his career as a professional baseball player he was a switch-hitting catcher. Chad is the best fit for the job within the organization.

Scott Atchison also signed a minor league contract with the NY Mets Tuesday. Atchison is a guy that never really was able to show much of himself to the red sox until this past season prior to his injury that really shot his chance of a great season.

Last but not least, and believe it or not, but it sounds like Bobby Valentine is going back to school, well possibly. It has been rumored that Bobby V is in line to be the next Director of Athletics at Sacred Heart University located in Fairfield CT. Bobby is an icon in the area and probably would be decent with this job. Remember that AD’s are not the coaches, well at least in a majority of colleges or universities nationwide. Although I think Bobby V would be a lot more involved in the baseball program then a typical everyday AD is for any school. Sacred Heart’s Head Baseball Coach is Nick Giaquinto, who has been at the helm of the team for 24 years now.