GameDay Boston


January 25th, 2013

Pedro Martinez is back! We all only wish as a starter in the rotation, but no such luck. Pedro will serve as a special assistant to Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington much as Jason Varitek.

In lure of all the negative feelings being tossed at the red sox administration, this in fact is a very good move. I do not believe this is a total PR move but allowing Pedro to work with the current and future Red Sox pitching staff will help improve their skills, knowledge and abilities to pitch. Pedro was probably the outmost best competitor that ever took to the mound for the red sox not leave out guys like, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Bruce Hurst, Louis Tiant, Bill Lee, Dennis Eckersley. Pedro was the exception to being the dominator. He could come out to Fenway Park in frigid weather, like a game I witnessed when he struck out 19 Tampa Bay Rays in the first week of April during the late 1990’s. He was the example of excellence and a superior competitor.

We as Red Sox fans need you know more then ever! Red Sox Nation is looking forward to seeing you in Fort Myers, FL at spring training and beyond this season

Pedro probably will serve a similar role that red sox hall of fame pitcher Louis Tiant does for the team, as
Well all know Louis Tiant does a lot of on field instructing and also PR type items.

This is a feel good story on an end of stressful cold
week for everyone!

Welcome Home Pedro!