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Tito’s book of knowledge

If there is not enough negativity surrounding the red sox this winter I think it’s fair to say that things need to change in the attitude of the team and the chemistry of the team, that being said, I think the red sox have made a decent effort to change things up.

As I listen to Terry Francona’s interview Wednesday afternoon on WEEI during the Big O show it gave us all the opportunity to listen to what Tito wanted to say and give his explanation to why he wrote what he did or even said the things he talked about prior to Wednesday’s interview. In listening to Tito explanation about the team and how things are handled there, I am going to stick with my absolute opinion that Larry Lucchino is the total controller of the team. No decisions are made prior to Lucchino’s approval. This has been my opinion for sometime. I came to this conclusion a very long time ago, long before Tito was let go or Theo left the team. When Theo left the team the first time in a gorilla suit and was asked to return by Red Sox Principal Owner Mr. John Henry to return. Larry Lucchino was pushed to a back seat for a bit, but then he was allowed to show his total authority, which eventually led Theo’s departure from the team for the 2nd and final time. The bottom line is Larry Lucchino runs the red sox, Example: the hiring of Bobby Valentine. I truly believe Larry Lucchino is a very good President of this team and has made his share of mistakes, but Lucchino learns from his mistakes and is working at correcting them by giving a lot more power-authority to Ben Cherington and John Farrell.

The Ownership Group of the Red Sox team has been a very successful group with the exception of last season and the ending of 2011. They may not be the most knowledgeable group about the game but they know how to put together a quality product, which is satisfying to a family to watch a game in a really nice ballpark that has been through some excellent face lifts, up-grades the last 10 years. Fenway is a great place to see a game, lots of room now to move around, more then ever before.

Tito was in fact the best manager to ever wear the red sox uniform. Tito’s end was not what he or anyone else had hoped for, sometimes things happen and changes are made, in the words of an old wise man, “all good things someday come to a end”
8 years as the Manager of the red sox is excellent run with 2 World Series titles to add to his legacy, which nobody has been able to do here in Boston for 86 years until Tito’s arrival in 2004. I thank you Tito for being the man you are.

It is now John Farrell’s turn to be the man at the helm of the red sox, I like Farrell’s style and looking forward to seeing him manager this team.

One last note in an earlier column/blog I posted this past week I forgot to add John Lachey’s name in the rotation as the #4 starter.

It may be colder then the artic today but baseball season is just around the corner!!!!