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Patriots AFC Championship Game Ticket Trend and Predictions!

AFC Championship Game Tickets

They meet again. Tom Brady and his high-flying New England Patriots play host to the Baltimore Ravens for the second year in a row with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Ticket prices for this AFC title game are currently averaging $483/seat, with a get-in price of $250. With the history between the two teams and all the emotion packed into this game, it’s no surprise that it’s the more expensive of the two Conference Championship games this week.

While prices for the game have dropped 21% in the last two weeks, this one is still more expensive than last year’s AFC title matchup – 24% higher in fact. On top of that, Pats fans will have to pay a major premium for this game, 103% pricier than the regular season average for New England Patriots tickets, and 73% higher than last week’s game vs Houston. For Baltimore, tickets for this one are 223% higher than the average price for Ravens tickets on the road this season, and 93% more than last week’s game in Denver. 

In the end, this game is priced just as it should be, as it has the goods to match up to its gaudy expectations on paper.

While the Ravens are looking to give their leader, Ray Lewis, one more shot at a Championship, the Patriots are determined to get back to the Super Bowl and erase the memories of last year’s loss to the Giants.

If you want to look ahead, Super Bowl Tickets are currently averaging $3098 per seat, with a get-in price of $1976.

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