GameDay Boston

Celtics Are Streaking and We’ve Got a Treat For You! You Won’t Want to Miss This!

The Celtics are now on a 6-game streak with their 100-89 win over the Bobcats tonight. Before the streak a lot of people were doubting this team. Then returned Avery Bradley and the Celtics seem to get their “swagger” back.

Kevin Garnett has always been the emotional leader of this team and one thing we all know he’s good at is talking trash. At the start of this win streak Boston played New York at Madison Square Garden in which Garnett and Carmelo Anthony had some choice words. Those words on the court led to a screaming match after the game.

What sparked this feud? Supposedly Garnett got into Anthony’s head by saying his wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios. Wait, what? I know, it seems a little strange but here is the full story.

If you ask me Garnett is a genius. Whether this trash talk was true or not it all adds to the legend of KG. So what is GameDayBoston and ILoveBostonSports doing about it? Keeping that legend alive with this brand new t-shirt! Ladies and gentlemen we present to you Honey Nut Carmelo’s!

Sorry Melo. We had to do it! We want to see a swarm of these next time Anthony and the Knicks visit the Garden so get yours here today and support the cause!