GameDay Boston

Patriot Nation Celebrates Brady 12/12/12 for Good Reason


In College Station, Texas home of Texas A&M, Aggies everywhere are celebrating their Heisman victory and 12th man tradition, and it seems like almost everywhere I look today’s date has a special meaning to everyone.  For me, its bigger than the 12th man….instead I choose to celebrate Tom Brady being honored with his 23rd AFC Offensive Player of the week to take over most of ALL time.  Consider this, Tom Brady has played 46 fewer weeks than Peyton Manning who holds 22 AFC honors and today after a pounding on Monday Night Football over what analysts said was the team to beat in SB47, Tom Brady has yet again put his name in history books on 12/12/12 no less.  That in itself gives me chills, but then again so does watching Tom Brady play week in and week out.  He is exceptional any way you dice it. 

     John Gruden recently stirred up Patriot or Tom Brady haters by arguing him as “the best football player of all time.”  Call me biased, call me whatever you want…but for those who have brought up spygate (yet again) I say to you, GET OVER IT.  Superbowl victory or not since the accusations, Tom Brady’s individual stats don’t lie.  Nor does the fact that he has once again entered the MVP race after a stellar performance on Monday Night Football.  This man has led the Patriots to the playoffs in 10 of 11 years (the only year not attending being when he blew his knee) and 5 superbowl trips with 3 victories.  In fact, Brady is only 167 yards away from eclipsing yet another season of 4,000 yards in the books with 3 games to go till playoffs.  Here’s another fact, TB12 has thrown 29 touchdown passes with only 4 interceptions all season, including just 1 interception in his last 19 TD’s.  So to those arguing he is overrated and overprotected by ref’s, its time to get a new hobby.  In the meantime Patriot Nation will sit back and relax as he and his teammates put on Superbowl caliber performances that they and we in Patriot Nation, hope will send them back to where it all began some 11 years ago to the very day in the Big Easy when they relished in their very first Lombardi trophy.