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The Celtics are 11-9, currently the 7th seed in the East.  Not a prototypical season for a team expected to do big things come playoff time. Good news for the Celtics is that they have won 2 of their last 3 games, and have been in close games when they do lose.  The Celtics are also currently ranked 2nd in the league in Assists Per Game and are averaging about 98 Points per game.  This is the first time we have seen a Celtics team average that much PPG since 2008.  The problem with the Celtics this year is that they aren’t the top defensive team in the league anymore.  They pay small ball, and you’re going to give up a decent amount of points playing small ball.  The Celtics started 26th in Points allowed.  But now they are 12th in the league in Points Allowed, so they are making an improvement on the defensive side of the ball. Think the Celtics can go all the way? Betting is easy with the Bovada sportsbook review. Just use your Bovada referral number. I expect the Celtics record to get much better during the next couple of weeks, they are headed for a turnaround.

Rajon Rondo

Rondo is leading the league in assists, hitting his outside shots, and leading a confused Celtics team full of potential.  Rondo has been a man on a mission when it comes to racking up assists at 12.8 per game. Only two things have been able to stop him from hitting double-digits: an unfortunate altercation with Kris Humphries and the ensuing two-game suspension.

While his playmaking is unparalleled  it’s also helping overshadow another important aspect of Rondo’s improvement. His mid-range game and outside jumper have improved dramtatically. Taking 3.4 attempts per game from 16 to 23 feet, Rondo has made 49 percent of his attempts from that range.  Only Kyrie Irving and Luke Ridnour are better from 16 to 23 feet.

The only thing keeping Rajon Rondo away from an A+ for me is his suspensions!

Jason Terry

The new addition of 6th man/starter Jason Terry has been so-so.  At times, I see the Jet taking off with his emotion and shooting us back into a game.  But mostly this season, Terry, especially early in the year, has shot our team out of the game.  HIs percentages have increased though since the start of the season, and he is now averaging a respectable 12 points per game on 38% shooting from three.  Expect those numbers to rise.

Paul Pierce


I’m not sure what to think of Paul Pierce’s production this year.  His numbers are 19 PPG 4APG and 5.5RPG, but he’s only shooting 41% from the field.  I think  Paul has been forcing it a bit too much, but I doubt this will continue.

Brandon Bass

Bass has not impressed me this year at all.  I lvoe the guy, but he MUST contninue to hit that little Mid-Range jumper consitently or we need to give the statting job to Sully or Wilcox, because both of those men have impressed me more than Bass at least early in teh season.

Kevin Garnett

KG has been a solid contributor on a team that might be finally gelling.  His steady contributions have been key to the Celtics being 2 games over 500.

Jeff Green

At times Green has looked extremely impressive, reminding me of shades of James Worthy. I mean check out this monster jam,

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At other times, he looks like a shy player on the court, straying away from contact and settling for outside jumpers.  I beleive Jeff Green is starting to get it, and I know he will continue to improve.  Let’s not forget this is his first time playing ccompetive NBA basketball in almost 2 years!

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