GameDay Boston

Boston Celtics Week 1 Season Recap

The Celtics are finishing the first week of the 2012-2013 season at a .500 record. Not a bad start but much better will be needed to contend. Obviously, the loss of Ray Allen is an adjustment but the Celtics are learning to “play without Ray” and to open up the door for newer younger stars to emerge.

The season opened on October 30 in Miami after a long-awaited re-match with the Miami Heat, after a bitterly controversial Conference championship series last Spring. Many wondered how veteran Celtics players would react in playing former Boston hero and teammate Ray Allen. Some on the coaching staff were friendly and at least greeted him but Kevin Garnett made it quite clear that nothing more would be given than a glare and a cold shoulder. After all, no one appears to have asked Allen to leave and to go to the team that eliminated them is a highly questionable move. However, I think Allen will be eventually remembered as a key piece to the 2008 Championship run! In the meantime, we can expect some intense and bitter rivalry games between these two.

Back on the court…. the Celtics in a high scoring affair…. made a run at the end but came up short in Miami … Losing the first game of the season. Dwyane Wade was paid back hard in a clothesline foul from Rondo that was reminiscent of this year’s earlier playoff battle. However, the Miami Heat held on and continued their dominance after narrowly capturing last season’s NBA title. Rondo still had an awesome display at point-guard and showed he is very capable in getting the Celtics to score a lot of points per game. Looking forward to seeing more of these two teams matching up!

It was thought that the Celtics would bounce back in their next game but they surprisingly dropped that too. Perhaps still adjusting…. the team has many new players that need to gel together. Although close, the Celtics would finally do this enough to beat the Washington Wizards in back to back close games leaving their overall record at 2-2! There is no need to panic yet as many new teams need time to find their groove, establish roles, and learn to work together.The Celtics have to go through this team-building phase and Doc Rivers is an excellent former player and Coach to lead them through this! One particularly bright spot was Jason Terry dropping 16 points against the Wizards Wednesday night showing that he has much to contribute as a new Celtics player. Let’s hope tonight’s matchup game against the Philadlephia 76ers another “heated” rivalry will be the start of a long winning streak for our Celtics!! Any Celtics fan know well that hey are always intense games. Go Celts GO!