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More on Rajon Rondo Posing with the Lebron Hater Fan!

Rajon Rondo is finally starting to come out of his shell in Boston. After last night’s loss in Miami it’s no secret there is bad blood that dates back a few seasons. To show his love for the Heat, Rondo recently posed with a fan wearing one of the t-shirts from our site! He, like all of us, knows that LeBron James is indeed a little girl!

We actually were fortunate enough to get a tweet from the fan in this photo confirming it’s legitimacy and awesomeness:

[blackbirdpie url=""]

[blackbirdpie url=""]

Samantha has also agreed to be our fan of the week. Couldn’t be more proud to have a fellow LeBron and Miami Heat hater!


By the way, you can get your LeBron is a Bitch shirt here:

Also don’t forget our awesome new Celtics Haters series of shirts: A must buy for any true Celtics fan!

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